hey there Catholic fediverse, it's been a while since
I logged on here. how is everyone and how can I pray for you all today?

scrolling through the federated timeline, muting every bot in sight: the Lord’s work

Ash Wednesday to Sunday: no problem, but that first full week of Lent hits different

It’s the 20’s again, people. It’s time to bring art deco back already

Feeling very grateful for Cardinal Robert Sarah’s witness to Christ today as he announces his resignation (required to be submitted by bishops and cardinals when they turn 75). I’ve always found his writing powerful and his stewardship of the CDW capable and humble. Please pray for him and for his successor!

if last Sunday was "start thinking about Lent", this Sunday is "okay no really you should probably start thinking about Lent"

Catholic fediverse social media be quieter than a 7 am Low Mass at your local TLM parish

howdy gang, this was the only Catholic Mastodon instance I could find, and I wanted to throw in my support bc federated software is cool, blessings all


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