Today my psychiatrist, using hypnosis, convinced me that I was a soft, malleable metal with an atomic number of 82... I'm easily lead.

Today, I fought back. I made a ladder walk under me, I held on to a rabbit's keys, I made a four-leafed clover pick me, I hung out over barn doors and fell on horseshoes, and I crossed a black cats path.

[PART 2]

Hears Protestant pastor preach against talking to or praying to the dead because it's a sin - only talk to the living or to the Father in heaven.

Hears that same pastor whisper "I wish you were still here." at his mother's grave.

Hears Protestant pastor preach against the crucifix and icons of Christ on the cross because Christ isn't there anymore, he's at the right hand of the Father.

Hears that same pastor singing a hymn about Jesus looking down upon him on Calvary.

[PART 1]

Hears Protestant pastor preach about Catholic statues being a sin because you can't have graven images of anything in heaven or below it.

Sees dog and deer statues in that same pastor's yard.

Hears Protestant pastor preach about Orthodox icons being a sin, because they are dead and have no place in churches or homes.

Sees photos of the same pastor's dead parents and grandparents hanging all over his office.

I'm on if anyone else wants to connect there. I'm trying to phase out Facebook altogether. Please join me over there if you have a Diaspora account. It is a much more active feed for me there. I'll still check in here, but I'll be there primarily.

It's sort of disappointing how slow it is here. I've invited lots of Catholics, but only gotten one (@chrisdash) to sign up.

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Hello everyone! I'm new to RC Social but, can also be found on MeWe and other places. You can thank @theophilus for me being here.

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"The most basic Christian gesture in prayer is and always will be the sign of the cross. By signing ourselves we place ourselves under the protection of the cross; we hold it in front of us like a shield that will guard us in all the distress of daily life and give us the courge to go on. It is our visible and public Yes to him to who suffered for us."
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

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My wife cleans out her hairbrushes and leaves hairballs the size of a small child in the sink or on the counter next to the sink, but gets mad when I leave tiny beard trimmings in the sink which easily wash down the drain.

Checking in. I see a couple of new posts from a couple of people. That's exciting! Hope to see it pick up!

Hi there, all... I don't see many people, but I'll give it a shot anyhow. I'm called Theophilus, and I'm a Byzantine Rite Catholic, and a Sub-Deacon. Originally Antiochian Orthodox. I'm just looking for a place to meet other Catholics and discuss something wholesome and non-political. I hope to meet a few of you. — a friendly social networking space for those with an interest in Catholicism.