A great summary of the injustice of keeping Fr Gordon McRae in a New Hampshire prison since 1994. I hadn't read the bit about his bishop before. Amazing stuff - but surely it's so obviously unjust that he should be out by now! Though God is making good out of a bad situation, but it doesn't reflect well on the humans who are supposed to be rational.

Days 70-77 of are all taken care of :)
The Little Office of the Immaculate Conception is a nice short Office from the 15-1600s.
(now a week to think about what to post next...)

Back at the end of May, I embarked on this challenge thing.
Day 56 was one of the more elaborate ones:

I'm new here. It looks so nice though. I have another mastodon account though on another instance, but this one feels a lot closer to my identity. I guess next I figure out how to redirect the old one to this one?


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