A serious question: I'm Anglican, but was baptised and confirmed Catholic, am I able to receive the sacrament of Confession in the Catholic church?

@Matthew I don't know entirely, but it's "yes," if you are in imminent danger of death. Protestant's can receive the Sac. of Confession if they understand and believe what the Church teaches about it. Otherwise, I would think "no," unless you're returning to the Church. Either way, the priest should be told that you're Anglican.


@sobercatholic Thanks - yeah, I'm afraid that by remaining Anglican and receiving confession, I'd be trying to have my cake and eat it too, so to speak, even though I'm not protestant, and I believe what the church teaches about confession (to the best of my knowledge).

@Matthew Just come home! The Church needs good people, now more than ever! It's OK if it takes a while, it took me 7 years to revert. (I'm pig-headed, plus I was drinking a lot.)

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