A serious question: I'm Anglican, but was baptised and confirmed Catholic, am I able to receive the sacrament of Confession in the Catholic church?

@Matthew unless you "formally defected" before 2009 you are still a Catholic (albeit a non-practicing one). As a Catholic you can and should go to Confession, but realize that you need to be repentant and have a firm resolution to avoid all your sins (and that would have to include missing mass).

If I may ask, why be Anglican? Why not come home, brother?


@mikel Why not come home? That's a good question, brother! I'm not sure I have the answer to that or that it will not happen in future. I pray for the reunification of the Anglican and Roman churches. I have applied for a year of discernment to start my path towards ordination so I will definitely be thinking through this very carefully. I'm still relatively new to this diocese and am yet to find a confessor in the Anglican church (the sacrament is not commonly offered regularly).

@Matthew we all want reunificiation - but what would that look like? I think it would look like the Catholic church. I mean there is only one church founded by Jesus, warts and all.

Will pray for you to find what God wants for you. If you have any questions, comments, or want to talk, give a shout.

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