Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

Today's was 8 characters over the 500 character limit. SO, I increased the limit to 512! (a nice, round power of 2)

I had already developed the code to make this configurable for RCsocial.net, but had not used it. It works perfectly.

I have found 500 characters to be sometimes tight. Mastodon handles longer messages (but has a hard-coded 500 char limit when creating them).

I am thinking about 750 or 1,024 as the limit. Any thoughts? Another site goes to 65535.

@papa @mikel
I have bumped the maximum toot size to 750 characters. It's a big 50% increase over the Mastodon norm, but still what I would consider to be message size.

Let's see if that feels right longer-term. If it not, I can always bump it up or down.

Thanks for your comments.

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