Not everyone can simply . Even when we can not, we should actively work to use it less -- much less -- with the objective of deleting it asap.

This piece covers a lot of ground, but doesn't mention the biggest issue which is their unrelenting anti-Christian and anti-conservative censorship.

@George I don’t use Facebook, but I wonder, if all the Christians / Conservatives abandon it, won’t that make it worse? Again, I don’t use it, so I probably don’t understand how it works.

Maybe, but just a little would be my guess. Faithful Christians are the minority and not overly welcome. There is little honest dialog, lots of shouting, down-voting, brigading and hate labeling to keep unacceptable viewpoints (Christian) at bay. Facebook itself seems to support that.

Some things are lost causes and effort would be far more fruitful applied elsewhere. On the good side, Facebook's luster is gone and they may have entered a downward spiral.

None-the-less, the faithful who are still there will be getting a very distorted worldview and that is harmful.

@George Sounds like an unpleasant environment for communication. I thought FB was about connecting up with relatives and lost friends and the like?

was just a better MySpace, more about connecting millennials, later their parents and relatives joined in (much to the dismay of said millenials). At least connecting folks was the public presumption.

As it was monetized, it became highly manipulative to increase usage and exposure to more ads. Later, it became quite the censor deciding what was appropriate for its users to see (hint: not Christian or conservative thought). Free speech is not a thing there.

It is legacy now. People use it because so many others have accounts. Lots of people use it less and a growing number say its not worth it. Recent academic studies show people are happier when they dump it.

Facebook owns Instagram. Snapchat is independent.

Personally, after all that has come out about Facebook, I would be very cautious with any of these services. They can still be useful, but being dependent on them puts us in a position to be exploited and Facebook, for one, has no qualms about doing so.

@George I agree. I read an article about how Instagram is a major advertising platform, but the advertising is done via influencers who take money to promote items in their feeds. Super creepy, if you ask me.

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